• EU-GDPR Lecture at KOSDAQ

    Tuesday 28 August 2018 - in News

    During a lecture hold in Korean on the 28th August 2018 at the KOSDAQ Listed Companies Association (KOSDAQ), Attorney Martin Bernhardt informed the attending member companies about the new General Data Protection Regulation of the European Union (EU-GDPR). During his lecture Martin Bernhardt explained the principles and obligations to be observed for legal data processing in the EU.

  • Martin Bernhardt advises KIST Europe

    Sunday 1 July 2018 - in News

    With effect from 1st July 2018 Martin Bernhardt advises the Korea Institute of Science and Technology Europe (KIST Europe) based in Saarbrücken as Corporation Lawyer in its legal affairs.

  • Appointment as Corporation Lawyer of the Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia

    Monday 1 January 2018 - in News

    With effect from 1st of January 2018 Martin Bernhardt was appointed as corporation lawyer by the Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia in Germany.

  • Delegation Trip with gwSaar to Korea

    Saturday 28 October 2017 - in News

    From 22.10.2017 to 27.10.2017 attorney Martin Bernhardt organized and accompanied the head of the marketing and promotion department of the gwSaar (Economic Promotion Corporation of the German state of Saarland) on a delegation trip to Korea. During the five-day stay the representatives of Saarland were able to meet the Innobiz Association, KOSDAQ and KOTRA and numerous Korean companies from the automotive, materials technology and energy sector and discussed economic and scientific cooperation.

    Visit to KOSDAQ Listed Companies Association: Vice Chairman Yun Jin Song (3rd from the left), Anja Petschauer (gwSaar) and attorney Martin Bernhardt

  • Representation of gwSaar during the Innovative Technology Show 2017 in Seoul

    Tuesday 19 September 2017 - in News

    The annual Innovative Technology Show (중소기업기술혁신대전) is the largest fair of medium-sized companies in Korea with more than 200 participating SMEs and research institutes.

  • Participation in KEIT Technology Planning Forum 2017 in Stockholm

    Thursday 27 July 2017 - in News

    The KEIT (Korea Evaluation Institute of Industrial Technology) Technology Planning Forum offers an international plattform for the arrangement and preparation of cooperations between Korean and European companies and research institutions. During this year´s forum Martin Bernhardt moderated the interests of three R&D projects submitted by a consortium of state universities in Wroclaw/ Poland for a possible cooperation with Korean partners.

  • Martin Bernhardt is appointed as Representative of gwSAAR for Korea

    Wednesday 1 March 2017 - in News

    gwSaar Saarland Economic Promotion Corporation, a company owned by the German Federal State of Saarland, promotes the development of the economy of Saarland by the allocation and support of foreign companies. As representative of gwSAAR Martin Bernhardt is entrusted with the acquisition of investments of Korean companies and research institutions.

  • Martin Bernhardt advises KEIT Europe Office

    Sunday 15 May 2016 - in News

    The state owned Korea Evaluation Institute of Industrial Technology (KEIT) coordinates and promotes the coorperation of Korean companies with international partners in the field of R&D under supervision of the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy of the Republic of Korea.

  • Change on Policy on Residence Permits for Local Staff of Diplomatic Missions

    Monday 23 November 2015 - in News

    Contrary to the former practice of the Immigration Office of Berlin (Ausländerbehörde Berlin) residence permits are now issued to locally hired Non-EU nationals working at diplomatic missions in Germany even if they possess no or only a non-renewable residence permit at the time of their application.

    As the result of administrative opposition proceedings filed and proceeded by Mr. Martin Bernhardt, the Immigration office of Berlin has undergone a complete shift away from their long-standing practice of the refusal of residence permits for locally hired staff of diplomatic or general consular representations in Germany. The appellant applied for a residence permit for employment at the Embassy of the Republic of Korea in Berlin on April 6th 2014. In line with its previous legal opinion the Immigration Office of Berlin refused to issue the residence permit with reference to a legal exemption from the requirement of residence permits for local foreign staff of embassies in Germany.

    Under the involvement of the Federal Foreign Office and the Federal Employment Agency the Immigration Office followed the opposite legal position of Mr. Bernhardt on November 20th 2015.

    As a result, locally hired staff can now obtain a residence permit for the exercise of their activities at diplomatic missions and thus can strengthen their stay in Germany. They no longer need to refer to the application of a mere protocol ID issued by the Federal Foreign Office.

    The new administrative practice of the Immigration Office is of fundamental importance for locally hired foreign employees of diplomatic missions in Germany. In particular, foreigners which are already resident in Germany have a great interest in obtaining a respective residence permit, since only this enables the subsequent solidification of their stay in form of a permanent residence permit. In contrast, a protocol ID does not entitle the foreigner to obtain a permanent residence permit even after more than five years of stay in Germany. The change of the legal opinion by the Immigration Office of Berlin forced by the opposition proceedings therefore represents a considerable improvement of the legal status of locally hired foreigners of diplomatic missions in Germany.

  • Martin Bernhardt accompanies the foundation of Korean Broadcasting System in Germany

    Monday 15 June 2015 - in News

    Korean Broadcasting System (KBS) is the national public broadcaster and biggest broadcasting company in Korea. With the foundation of a representative office in Germany, KBS strenghtens its international news coverage.